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Help zone


1.How to order?
2. Shipment alternatives?
3. How to pay?

1. Do BRUTALIZED RECORDS (BR) receive promotional material from Bands, Zines?

2. Do BR offer Wholesale Prices?
3. Do BR support Webzines, RadioStations, Zines and others?
4. Do BR trade webpage´s links?
5. Do we Trade?


1. How to Order?

We have two methods:
1. Through our E-Store on brutalizedrecords.com
2. Through our email: order@brutalizedrecords.com Check out below for futher information:
+ Send us your order with the items of interest and DO NOT FORGET TO LIST ALTERNATIVE ITEMS.
+ We will respond you with your order`s exact price, shipping & handling.
+ You choose the payment way and the shipment type.
+ Once we have received the payment, we’ll send you the order in less than 2 bussiness days.

2. Shipment alternatives?

You can choose your favorite ways.
+ DHL: (insured, High Priority - 3 to 5 days) www.dhl.com
+ FEDEX: (insured, High Priority - 3 to 5 days) www.fedex.com
+ TNT: (insured, High Priority - 5 to 8 days)
+ Airmail Service (Not insured, the cheapest)

3. How to pay?

1) Via Western Union services. For further info, visit their website: (www.westernunion.com) (Recommended)
2) Money Gram (Recommended)
3) International Money Order I.M.O. (NOT Postal Money Orders please!) 4) Bank Wire Transfer (Recommended)
5) Well Hidden Cash (We are not responsible if your money get lost. NOT a recommended method)
6) Credit Card througth our E-Store
7) Paypal Service (next soon available)


1. Do BR receive promotional material from Bands, Zines?

Yes, we do. BR is willing to receive the whole material. You can send it to:
c/o: Ricardo Gutierrez
P.O. BOX-002
Pereira - COLOMBIA

2. Do BR offer Wholesale Prices?

Of Course. Contact us: info@brutalizedrecords.com for further information about the discounting rates. Ask about the wholesale prices.

3. Do BR support to Webzines, RadioStations, Zines and others?

- All of our productions are logged on the internet in mp3 format so you can get to know our bands style and music.
- For Magazines and others written and physical media, you must send a prove of existence, and then we`ll analyze if it is of our interest to send you a promo or a CD from our productions.
Analysis Parameters:
+ Quality of presentation (Internet and Physical media)
+ Informative media coverage (Internet and Physical media)
+ Quality of impression (Physical media)
+ Website´s interactivity ( Internet)
+ Critics` objectivity (Internet and Physical media)
We´ve been forced to establish this conditions and requirements due to the lack of seriousness of people who say that they have written media, or others, to deceive the record labels in order to obtain free music for their personal collection or, even worse, to sell the promo CDs, which have no commercial price. We hope you understand our policy.

4. Does BR trade webpage´s links?

All Links are welcome. Please, send us an e-mail with your link. We´ll load it up as soon as possible. Send your e-mail to: info@brutalizedrecords.com

5. Do we Trade?

Yes, but first email us and let us know that you´re interested, and pay attention:
+ You must attach a "complete available trade list".
+ Minimum Trade: 25 CDs.
+ T-shirts will only be trade for T- shirts.
+ If it is a production of your record label or band, please include a link with an mp3 track , so we can listen the band (please don´t send mp3 files to our e-mail), also a description of the genre and the bands alike will be necesary. This is only for those bands which we don´t know or haven´t heard of.
+ Trade´s prices:
Trade system (except where otherwise noted)
Ep - 1, 33 points / Pic. Ep - 2 points
MCD / 10" / 12" Maxi - 3 points
LP / CD - 4 points
T-Shirt - 5 or 6 points
Long sleeve - 6 or 8 points
+ When you send the package, the CDs must go without boxes, and invoiced for US$1, clarifying their use as promotional material or gifts with no commercial price.
+ The CDs must go well packed in flexible plastic, cover apart, the same as the inlays.
+ Don`t include CDs with scratches.
+ When you send your package, please scan the sending receipt and e-mail it to us; we will immediately send our package to you and e-mail our sending receipt to you, too.
If is not possible for you to scan the receipt, then we will wait to receive your package, and then we will send ours.

We hope that with this conditions we can keep trading and supporting the Underground.

If you are interested and want to trade, contact us according to our policies: info@brutalizedrecords.com

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